H160 DoubleTake

Mardi 1er mars 2016

With two prototypes flying, the H160 is ready to take on the market in 2016. This 5.5-6 tonne class rotorcraft’s nose-to-tail breakthroughs in design and systems put customer value, satisfaction and operational safety first. It has been designed to suit a wide variety of uses, including oil and gas operations, public services, air medical and coast guard duties along with commercial transport, private and business aviation.

Director : Yankel Murciano
Post-Production : Thomas Larocca and Loïc Parent (BAND ORIGINALE)
Aerial Shooting : Mikko Paillot and Thibault Teychené (HORUS AERIAL) | Jacques Ripert (HELITEC)
Original Soundtrack : Samuel Lévy (NOISE PICTURE)

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