News helicopter makes emergency landing in Hollywood while covering shotgun rampage

Mardi 28 août 2012

A smoking KTLA-TV news helicopter became news itself when it was forced to make a dramatic emergency landing in a Hollywood parking lot in the midst of covering a gunman under siege from police.
A news helicopter became part of the news when it made a dramatic emergency landing in a Hollywood parking lot with smoke pouring from its tail.
The chopper was covering an already wild scene, with a shotgun-wielding man reportedly firing at construction workers Monday.
Two helicopters, one from KTLA-TV and the other from local rival KCBS-TV, were over the scene on Sunset Blvd. when KCBS pilot Dan Catalano saw smoke coming from the rear of the other station’s chopper.
Catalano alerted KTLA pilot Tim Lynn, who immediately declared an emergency.
I’m just putting it down for an emergency landing,” Lynn announced on his radio. “I’ve got smoke coming out of the engine. Don’t talk to me right now.
As Lynn looked for a spot to land, he said, his cockpit started to fill with smoke.
He found an empty parking lot on Hollywood Blvd. and safely brought the chopper down. Lynn and his passenger, KTLA photographer Jeff Laabs, exited without injury.

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