Iran to build Ukrainian light helicopters

Lundi 14 septembre 2009

Iran is negotiating to buy a Ukrainian-made ultra-light helicopter, the Aerocopter AK 1.3. Initial talks took place last month between Aerocopter and Iran’s Aircraft and Space Industry Union, Aerocopter says.
The firm is expecting a visit to its Poltava factory by an Iranian delegation to discuss further co-operation and conclusion of a contract. Initial talks have focused on a direct purchase of helicopters built in Ukraine but the company says it is ready to discuss various avenues for co-operation.
The two-seat single-engine AK1.3 is similar in concept to the Sikorsky S-300 and is designed for aircrew training, enthusiast and sport flying, survey and agricultural use.
The helicopter has a maximum take-off weight of 650kg (1,430lb) and, according to the manufacturer, costs round $150,000.
The AK1.3 is FAR 27 compatible and has a Ukrainian TP-0008 type certificate.
It is powered by a single 156hp Subaru EJ25 engine, and has a conventional tail-rotor layout and composite cabin structure.
Aerocopter claims the machine has a cruise speed of 86kt (160km/h), a range of 320km (170nm), a 2h duration of flight and 9,840ft (3,000m) ceiling.
In 2008, the company built 10 machines and plans to complete another 20 this year.
Iran has been looking for three years for a partner offering light helicopter technology, says ASIU secretary Seyyed Javad Ebnoreza. He adds that in spite of the sanctions against the Islamic Republic’s aircraft industry, 84 foreign companies are ready to work with ASIU. Kate Sarsfield source

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